When we opened our shop in Rotterdam, we, of course, had to make a Rotterdammertje too!
We asked the locals what the difference is between the inhabitants of Rotterdam and those of Dordrecht. Their reply was: ‘Well we are basically the same, only people from Rotterdam are more feisty!’

So this praline had to be the same as the Dordtenaartje, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, hard and soft but also… spicy! laughing

This praline comes with an eating instruction: you put it in your mouth as a whole, you chew on it once or twice and then you stop chewing for a little while… Just pause… If you don’t eat it this way, you won’t experience the Rotterdammertje (or the Dordtenaartje) how it is meant to.

Sweet, salty, sour and bitter are experienced on different places and at different times on the tongue. In the aftertaste the salt brings together all the other flavours.
This way you end up with yet another flavour!

All of our products may contain allergens

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