In finer restaurants every chef tries to serve a main course containing at least four flavours: sweet, sour, salt and bitter.

Leading to our chef thinking: “We should be able to get all those flavours into just one praline…”

But chef Jan also considers what he calls ‘mouth feeling’, so he added hard and soft as well.

Sweet, sour, salt and bitter are experienced on different areas of the tongue and also at different moments in time. The ones following the eating instruction of the Dordtenaartje will be treated to a true flavour explosion!

The eating instruction: put it in your mouth as a whole, chew on it once or twice and then stop chewing. Pause for a while.

The urge to start chewing again will automatically present itself and at that point it is just fine to do so. This way you will experience all the flavours of the Dordtenaartje.

When we introduced the Dordtenaartje we expected 10% of our customers to appreciate it and the other 90% not. It turned out to be exactly the other way around… smile

Of course we also created a Rotterdammertje. To which the same eating instruction applies.

All of our products may contain allergens

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